Saturday, November 26, 2011

There may be a slight delay...

TWELVE DAYS????!?!???!?

I mean, I knew it had been a while, but... well, I'm not gonna lie to you, I thought it was longer than twelve days ago. It feels like aeons, although I don't remember those last two posts, so that should say something.

Bottom line, I have been in the death throes of relationship woes for the last...well, more than a month. And I'm trying to remodel the shithole of an apartment we have over our garage in double time for the last... two weeks? Maybe slightly less? More? Time has no meaning.

Anyway, I am moving out. And thus begins a new chapter. ? I feel like all of my statements should be followed by question marks. Nothing seems certain and everything seems like some mix of nightmare and inevitability.

I guess it was high time I disclosed it. Since all of my friends know. But none of my family. Should I keep it under wraps, this possible dissolution (which hubby insists is just a need for space and time while he sees someone else) of my 12-year relationship (initally I put "marriage", but we weren't married the WHOLE time), or should I just milk it for all it is worth before Christmas and ask for TJ Maxx gift cards to furnish the place?

I am completely lost and hidden in the darkness right now. I was going to wait until my triumphant move into a gorgeous new apartment, but doing all of the gruntwork myself is not only disheartening, in the same way that constructing one's own coffin holds the promise of very outweighed rewards, but also time-consuming and KILLING ME. I know there is improper agreement somewhere there, but I do not care. I do not care about GRAMMAR. This is serious.

Fuck me.


  1. Holy shit, Lac. I'm so sorry. That REALLY REALLY sucks. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. --Keith

  2. While I can't imagine how horribly difficult this is for you right now, I can empathize. There are no words to say at this moment to make you feel better and it does fucking suck.

    I just did the same thing three weeks ago. Thirteen year relationship and I left the safety and security to move into a one bedroom apartment that isn't beautiful and I'm trying to ignore the flaws. I'm glad I made the move and each day it gets better and I become more independent.

    I know it's cliche, but there will be good that will come of this, you just have to look for it.

  3. Me and Droopums just want to let you know we love you!
    Also Droopums has offered to skin the dirty whore that will be the "someone else" or the evil man He has also came up with several ideas he feels would be suffice that do not involve killing at all.

    1) Artificial nail glue in her hair. Once it is all glued together in a nasty mess he's also going to glitter shit in it for full effect.
    2) Artificial nail glue in hubbys pubic hair. He figures if he can manage to get a ball glued to a thigh it will be a success. He also has offered to follow this one up with glitter poo as well.
    3)signing both of their emails up for the most disgusting porn we can find. Droopums has informed me menstrual porn is a real thing... Sometimes I fear what he does online when I am at work.
    4)Nair in conditioner. Droopums assures me we can put a small enough amount in to not leave a scent but each application will weaken the hair a little more until it all falls off. I dare not ask how he knows this but I will be sniffing my conditioner extra next time I deny him cupcakes.
    5)Replace every single song they both possess with Celine Dion songs. Possibly also replacing every single dvd in their possession with copies of "the titantic"
    6)Glitter shits in every single shoe they own.
    7)hardcore glitter farts that release such an extreme glitter cloud it will make Guin nervous from where ever it is that she lives. He will also be sure to use the SHARP glitter so he can scratch up some motherfluffing lungs and eyes.

    If none of that will make you feel better we are both offering you snuggles and our spare bed if you ever want to visit Nova Scotia.

  4. Sadie from Siren's and BBPNovember 27, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    I am truly sorry for all you are going through. What is it with some men? My first marriage ended in divorce after an eleven year relationship while we were both young. Yes, we began dating in high school, but it doesn't matter your age when it happens, it hurts.

    Wishing you hope, love and peace as you find your way.

  5. *hugs you*

    He's an idiot and she's a skank and they're both lucky me and my hammer and my large rusty nails are waaaay over here and not within striking distance.

  6. Lac, I'm sorry. For all of it.
    We luff you and are here for you. <3


  7. I will offer my unreasoning anger that someone might be such an asshole to you. I don't know if that will make a difference, but I am sick of fucked up things happening to people who do not deserve it.

    My personal veneer of civilization is a little thin at the moment, so I do have visions of the multiple hatchets and bats in my garage in case they are needed.

    And also, one less present to buy for this particular holiday. Bitch has to earn his presents. (too much?)


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