Friday, July 29, 2011


Look at me, getting awards! I thought I was going to get another award today but as that has not apparated yet (*ahem*, Siren) I have taken matters into my own hands and stolen an award from Rachael.

I KNOW! AN AWARD! I feel so accomplished. Suddenly, my whole day has taken a turn for the better. The miserable slump I was in this morning I have all but forgotten. My headache just disappeared. I think I might be better-looking now. No, I am sure I am.

OK, and now it is confirmed, because I'm writing this at work, and my last customer just introduced himself and told me that he thinks he loves me.


ETA: He just came back to tell me he loves me again. I AM BEING TOTALLY SERIOUS. This award is awesome.

ETA: I got my other award, too... I think my hair is shinier! And my voice is more melodious! My cat just turned into a liger!


  1. I cannot even express how rewarding this all is.

    ReWARDing, hahahahaaa! God I love my jokes.

  2. Wait, what? I was supposed to send you the Narcissistic Blogging Award? How narcissistic of me to have forgotten that.

    Also. I am getting sick of this fucking word verification bullshit.

  3. Yeah, I probably don't need it. It's not like Spambots (or anyone else) is knocking the metaphorical door down to flood me with comments. If I remember tomorrow, I will TAKE IT OFF.

  4. Look, ma, no word verification!

  5. Spam spam spam!
    Flood flood flood!
    Comment comment comment!


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