Friday, July 29, 2011

Today's Post is brought to you by Sarcasm, Narcissism, and the letter Y

Now gimme my award, dammit.

About My Blog
  1. How did you find my blog and how long have you been reading it? What was the thing that first "captured" you? I found you blog through a link on the forum. I've been reading it since... I think September? Maybe August. The first thing that captured me was you personality on the forum. I would probably have read your blog if it was just pictures of telephone books. Or dictionaries.
  2. Which one of my blog entries is your favorite? (You can list more than one.) I can't really point to specific ones, my memory sucks. But I like the Carolyn ones. Even though they are sad, they are beautiful. And some of the ones when you were figuring things out for yourself-- when you were here in the present, and learning things about your past through new experiences. Your way of explaining things and your memory for conversations are gifts.
  3. What's your favorite thing about my blog overall? I guess now it is probably your humor.
  4. In what way or ways is my blog totally better than yours? My blog has no real unifying principle, I don't take photos of birds, and your commenters are pretty dang awesome. Also, you are hilarious.
  5. In what way or ways is my blog totally better than most other blogs, period? Most other blogs are uninteresting and the bloggers are not as... wide-eyed and new about things as you are. I mean that in a good way.
  6. Have you signed up as a follower of my blog? A public follower? Fuck yes. Why would I follow it privately? I don't get that. Unless it is something that the blogger wants me to do to protect their privacy, I always follow publicly.
  7. How many of your own blog followers are actually you using a fake username? (Oops, sorry, this question should've gone on the "Insecure Blogger's Survey Meme.") HAhahahaha. None. Good idea, though.
  8. What's one of the funniest things I've said on my blog? ALL THE THINGS. There were a couple times I was almost crying with laughter. Like when you got your boots, or when you had to go get your hair done, or when you were getting the new couch and being flaunty. Or when you gave that bird egg the Royal Hat.
  9. The most brilliant or original or insightful? This one. I bookmarked it on my computer when you wrote it, because it was so perfect. Partially because I relate to it, partially because it is such a beautiful picture of love.
  10. Which of the pictures on my blog is your favorite? This one.
  11. You have read my entire blog, right? Yes.
  12. How often do you mention me or my blog on your blog? I've actually mentioned it a couple times. I linked it once. But don't worry, I have like three readers, and they were all yours first.
  13. How many of your blog entries either were inspired by me or are examples of you shamelessly plagiarizing and/or outright copying my ideas? (Please provide links so I can get the credit I deserve.) BAM!
  14. How often do you mention me or my blog in your offline life, say, at the dinner table or something? Hm. Not as much as I should, apparently.
  15. When was the last time you made someone listen while you read something of mine to her or him out loud? HAhahahaha. I can't remember. I think I showed my husband your snowflake pictures.

About Me

  1. How much do you love me and why? Please be specific. I love you as much as David Hasselhoff loves leather pants. Because you are strong and intelligent and witty and eloquent and hilarious.
  2. Why else? Also because you are unabashedly egotistical.
  3. Other than the reasons you love me, what's your favorite thing about me? Your ability to remember conversations word for word.
  4. In what way or ways do you see me as better than you -- morally, intellectually, or otherwise? You are way better than me at Scrabble.
  5. As superior to the average person in general? ALL THE WAYS.
  6. In what way or ways do you wish you were more like me? I wish I was as confident as you. Oh, and that I had a startle reflex because I think it would be hilarious. I don't mind jokes at my own expense.
  7. That everyone were more like me? That people were honest with themselves and others. All the time.
  8. Which of my qualities do you envy the most? Your wordsmithery.
  9. Which of my qualities do you admire the most and/or find the most inspiring? Your strength.
  10. Do you envy any of my possessions? If so, which ones? YOUR COWBOY BOOTS. Also, your chicken beak.
  11. What's the most complimentary thing you've said about me recently? See the above.
  12. Did you write it on your blog? (If so, please provide a link.) Here you go.
  13. What do you think is my most attractive physical feature? Your elf ears.
  14. My second most attractive? Your Bambi eyes.
  15. You can list additional ones here if you need to. You also have nice lips and you are skinny and now I am feeling weird telling you this stuff so I am done.
  16. What would you say are my greatest strengths? Your emotional fortitude.
  17. And finally, which of the following would you say is my one possible weakness? Definitely #4.
    1. You're so intelligent sometimes you forget how hard it is for the rest of us to keep up with you.
    2. You don't appreciate how attractive you really are.
    3. You're too hard on yourself.
    4. You're too modest.
    5. Honestly, I can't think of any weaknesses



  1. BAAAAHAHAHAHA! Yes I had to immediately come STAMPEDING over here to read this even though I am TOTALLY MORTIFIED that you actually filled it out. I cannot believe you actually answered these questions. Even though they are all good answers. Except #12 in the About Me section. Clearly you need to write more complimentary posts about me so we can nip that self-referential shit right in the bud.

  2. P.S. Yeah, I'm the one who clicked that TL;DR button. You really didn't expect me to resist that, right?

  3. HAhahahahaaa... The kumquat judges you.




  6. oh God you have a blog I now have the urge to read your entire fucking blog from start to finish like I did Siren's because you're fucking hilarious only this time I'm actually a doctor working doctor hours so this is a problem DAMMIT LAC WHY DO YOU HATE ME

    lest the attention not be ripped from Siren: hi, Siren!

  7. I TOTALLY SENT YOU YOUR STUPID NARCISSISTIC BLOGGING AWARD DAMMIT. LIKE, HOURS AGO. If I could figure a out way to make "HOURS" appear in super-big font, I totally would.

    Hi captainshiny!


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