Friday, December 2, 2011

Day One, Part One

Look at me! I took a shower, I am wearing real pants (not pajamas), and I am in a coffeeshop, AKA the Real World. I'm not bawling like a baby in a dark corner somewhere! Also, I am eating the fattiest scone ever conceived by the mind of man and drinking a Monkeytail, which is a 4-shot Mexican mocha.


This is the place I used to go all the time when I was alone in Boise with Charlie, back when he was a tiny little infant. Six months of solitude, that was. Hard.

Anyway. Coming back to Boise is strange. Like I said, I thought that the time I was here without Dust was more like two months until we talked about it a few weeks ago. It was a hazy time. Coming back did give me that familiar feeling of "Me Against the World," though. Which... well, I mean I guess it's better than "Everyone Against Me." Or "Overwhelmed and Unable to Cope."


Anyway, I am going to finish this shit, or at least try to eat some of it, and then go walk around stores for a little bit, until I can be alone with my thoughts again.


  1. YAY SHOWER AND PANTS! I have to say, if I had the choice, I would spend 95% of my life in pajamas at home. I might shower, if people were coming over or something. Hehe.

    The scone and coffee look delicious!

  2. Lac I declare this now for however long you need it. If you got up and showered, you are a fucking BOSS!

    There's a difference between opting for pj's, and moving-my-arms-to-change-pants-hurts-my-soul-too-much. But yea, I am either pj'ed or sparkling about in my underoos all the time at home. The sparkling is from the rhinestones.

  3. Lac, you're taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do. Be proud.


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