Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things I Am Wondering

How much does the guy on Yo Gabba Gabba make? Because you would have to pay me a sizable sum to do the shit he does on that show. And wear that costume.

Why do we feel like alcohol will take our problems away? I mean, they do, temporarily. So I guess there's that. But hangovers are like punishment for making the wrong choice.

Why is it that little boys are so fascinated with trucks and dinosaurs? It is like ABSOLUTELY universal. I mean, some little girls are, too. But dude. My kid LOVES dinosaurs.

How can stress and anxiety in your life actually make you sick? Your MIND can make you sick. That is powerful stuff. I guess it works both ways. I need to write a list of affirmations or some shit.

Why are Chicken McNuggets so TASTY?

When is too much enough?

Where have I been all my life?

Where do all of the socks go?


  1. I can propose an answer to #4: just like there's 'happy' chemicals and neurotransmitters (dopamine, oxytocin), there are 'stress' or 'sad' chemicals and neurotransmitters (cortisol, adrenaline). Part of the action of the happy chemicals is to tell your body "hey, shit's cool up here, nothing to worry about, you can lower the heart rate and stop releasing energy stores," whereas when there's the stressed chemicals around, they tell the body "best be ready to run, keep that heartrate up! Nevermind the immune system, we might have to beat that lion to the nearest tree soon!" Cortisol in particular actively downregulates the immune system. Stupid evolutionary artifacts. I hope things get better soon.

    As for #5, MSG and salt. Makes pretty much anything taste good.

  2. To #2, how do you account for fuckers like me who almost never have a hangover?

  3. #4, Stress can make me instantly sick so I SOOO understand. Argument with someone? excuse me while I poop. Late for work? excuse me while I poop. Run into someone I don't like... You get the point. Everything Blue stated above is fact however on top of that instead of taking priority from immune system for some of us it also takes from digestion and shit too. Lame.

    #7, you have been preparing for the wonderfulness on the other side of the shit storm that has taken over your life. Just remember that tough times don't last but tough people do.

    #8, the socks go to the underground sock railroad where they fight to make it to freedom. All those "block parent" signs are just code for "Sock safe house" and those bastards only wear socks they employ and pay.

  4. 1. I don't know exactly, but I do know that the iCarly people make between 50-75k per episode. Can't me much less that that. Hollywood money is stupid crazy.

    2. Because it does, like you say, temporarily. And just often enough, our problems are made better because we take a minute or two to down a few and in so doing lessen the immediacy of the problem. Then in the morning we say, well, I guess that was not so hugely awful.

    3. Trains, Trucks, Dinosaurs, Sharks, Space. Then if they have any sense, Baseball. No choice. If we didn't have these things, we would invent them.

    4. Because in reality, like blue explained, what we perceive as thought is mostly chemical and electrochemical reactions. So figure out how to create anti-stress, and it will start making you feel like a million bucks. Then teach me how to do it.

    5. Because they put chemicals in it that make you crave it fortnightly!

    6. When it is too much joy. Or too much money. Or too much peace.

    7. Just where you should be to get yourself to this moment. Now where you go is up to you, as it always has been.

    8. All of the good socks go to heaven, where they sit around with each other and tell stories about gold bond medicated powder and hightop shoes. The bad ones go to sock hell where people with sharp and badly trimmed toenails and bleeding athlete's foot put them on and take them off over and over as they cry and bemoan their lot.

  5. Research suggests that the best ways to up your levels of dopamine and oxytocin are to 1: laugh and 2: hug. I'll bet we can likely help with the first one, but the second's all on Charlie, methinks.

  6. Looking at pictures of baby animals or people can boost oxytocin too (it's the giant eyes in proportion to the head, and large pupils help).

    This is also kind of interesting -

    Does Charlie like stickers? I have stickers from the dinosaur museum... (magnets too)


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