Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moving Day


I know I haven't been around lately.

I have been busy. Working. Planning. Holidays. Staying alive (Oh, oh, oh, oh, stayin' aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive).

Today, though, I am moving. Moving in. To my new apartment.

I am going to take some after photos, I'm hoping to get them done before I move stuff in, but the sink and shower may not be finished before I start hauling boxes over and cluttering the place up.

I did do a really good job on the remodel, I gotta hand it to myself. And by "good job" I mean my ideas, not really the work, since all I did with my hands was paint. But still. I bought all the shit, I made every decision, I designed shelving, I coordinated colors. I DID IT, YO.

And today, all of my stuff-- my clothes, the kitchen stuff, the bathroom stuff, my books, my photos, my NEW COUCH AND CHAIR OMG, and my bed-- all of it will be moved over. If I am super-productive and maybe have a little bit of luck.

So send a good wish or two my way, think of me, etc., and I will be back, here, very soon.


  1. You win the change is good award. For changing LIKE A BOSS.

  2. Me and some other nice ladies of our mutual acquaintance all have found some increased sense of peace, or at least the start of it, in a new apartment of our own. I hope yours has the same effect. A new home! *drinks a toast*

  3. I have been sending positive vibes your way each day when I check your blog. May your new place and the New Year bring you peace, healing and joy.

  4. WAY. TO. GO!
    Good luck in the new place.

  5. Good luck!
    I will send Droopums over to poo in a corner to break the new place in.

    If you find crusty glitter in a corner you know how it got there...

  6. I second Milissa's comment, and I look forward to the pictures!


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