Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Green eyes

So green eyes are, supposedly, the rarest regular eye color. By regular, I mean not lavendar or half blue half brown or something. (They are also supposed to be the weakest eyes, but I don't wear glasses so I cannot speak to the truth of that claim.)

Which makes me kind of proud of them. They're a recessive gene, and really hard to pass on to your kids. My grandma is the only one out of five kids that got green eyes from her mom. She had six kids, and my mom was the only one with green eyes. I'm the only one of my siblings with green eyes.

I love my eyes.

But I really wish, sometimes, that my eyes were brown or blue. Because there are NO SONGS ABOUT GREEN-EYED GIRLS. Would it kill someone to write a song about a green-eyed chick, so I could feel like it was saying all of those good things about me? The only songs about green eyes are the ones about jealousy. COME ON.

I mean, yeah, maybe I'm jealous of those brown-eyed girl songs. But I've got more to me than that!

ETA: I mean, there is this. But... I want more.


  1. There's "Green-Eyed Lady" from sometime in the 70s.

    Oh, for the love ...

    Blogger keeps telling me in scary red letters that I have something wrong in my URL. I don't HAVE an URL, but apparently I have some antiquated Google account.

    I am Paula H&B and I came over from Siren's.

  2. I might not have given random commenters the go-ahead here...there may be some sort of flare I have to light or parade I have to marshall. Sometimes technology is confusing. I'll check my settings and see if I can make it easier.


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