Sunday, April 17, 2011

Iliad, Book 1.1


The gods could hear Apollo raging before he even entered the throneroom at Olympus. They exchanged uneasy looks.

Apollo burst through the doorway, his bow in his hand, a silver arrow on the string, his finger twitching as he held it in place. "AFTER ALL OF THIS! AGAMEMNON HAS THE COLOSSAL NERVE TO SHUN ONE OF MY PRIESTS!"

"Shuuuuuun the nonbeliever!" Ares murmured under his breath, and Aphrodite chuckled.

Apollo whipped around to face Ares, his muscles rippling as he brought his bow up to his shoulder in the blink of an eye, his shining arrow a hair's breadth away from Ares' forehead.

Minerva was on her feet in the same second, her steady hand and grey eyes on her twin's strong arm.

"Tell us what happened."

Apollo, barely conceling a growl, launched into his story like a raging bull. "THAT FUCKING SO-CALLED KING, AGAMEMNON. HE SPURNED CHRYSES, MY PRIEST, AND--" Minerva gently guided her brother to his seat as he raved, then placed his lyre in his hands, taking the bow from him. "HE-- HE--" Apollo paused for a moment, tuning the lyre without thinking.

Ares smothered a laugh.

The son of Zeus and Leta started at this sound, his hand cutting across the strings so violently that one snapped. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOH NOW HE IS DEAD," the god raged, throwing the lyre at Ares, grabbing his bow, and turning on his heel. He was gone before anyone could stop him.

"Who's gonna tell Zeus?" Aphrodite asked, looking from Ares to Minerva to the fire, where Hestia sat poking the coals. "Not it!"

"NOT IT!" Ares yelled, rubbing his forearm where the lyre had hit home. "Besides," he said, with an almost apologetic look to Minerva, whose eyes were narrowing at him, "I believe Apollo requires my services." With that, he grabbed his spear and started for the doorway.

He was about halfway there when Jupiter himself came around the corner, filling the entryway with his enormous frame. "What's going on in here?" he asked. "I was... uh, busy." He hastily tucked his robe into place, smoothing his disheveled hair.

Ares raised an eyebrow at Minerva, motioning to her with his spear.

Minerva stood up, her long legs gleaming in the gentle firelight, and hooked a finger into the belt of her short tunic. "Apollo has suffered some slight." She spoke evenly, her eyes steady on her father. "He has gone to repay the humans their disservice."

"Well why are you bothering ME about it?" Jupiter grumbled. "I was BUSY! By my bolt, you are a needy lot. Just let him go, I'm sure he'll get distracted by the lullaby of a stream and fizzle out before he finds the one responsible."

Minerva pursed her lips. Didn't say a word, but Aphrodite saw it in her eyes-- "I won't beg you to take me seriously." She turned on her heel, grabbed her own quiver, and was gone in an instant.

"I'm going back to-- uh--" Jupiter stumbled for a second, and Aphrodite picked him right up.

"Back to your business?" she said sweetly, her long eyelashes fanning down in a wink.

"Er....right." Jupiter said. "Well, at least-- you know how it is," he said, half apologetically.

"Say no more," Aphrodite said, and with a wave of her hand, Jupiter took on an even more godlike appearance, if that were possible, his hair positively curling with virility.

"Right!" he cried. "And I'm off!" Gone.

Aphrodite chuckled, laid back on her couch, languidly fed herself a deep purple grape. This was all so much fun.

ETA: I know, I know, I'm mixing Greek and Roman. I gotta fix it, just not now.
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