Thursday, April 14, 2011


I swear if I could ever concentrate on one thing at a time, I might win. Instead I have:

1. The beginning to my myth.


The gods could hear Apollo raging before he even entered the throneroom at Olympus. They exchanged uneasy looks.

Apollo burst through the doorway, his bow in his hand, a silver arrow on the string, his finger twitching as he held it in place. "AFTER ALL OF THIS! AGAMEMNON HAS THE COLOSSAL NERVE TO SHUN ONE OF MY PRIESTS!"

"Shuuuuuun the nonbeliever!" Ares murmured under his breath, and Aphrodite chuckled.

Apollo whipped around to face Ares, his muscles rippling as he brought his bow up to his shoulder in the blink of an eye, his shining arrow a hair's breadth away from Ares' forehead.

2. A drawing of this.

3. Nothing else, really.

Dammit. I failed today.

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