Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Computer.

I still don't have a computer. It is "in the shop," but might as well be on the moon or nonexistent. There is a Frenchman fixing it (or should I say "fixing" it?) and trying to recover the pictures I took and foolishly saved to my computer instead of leaving on my camera card, which is NEVER full, and does not NEED to be dumped onto my computer all the time.

Hmph. I am not feeling the love today. Maybe because I am trying to eke love out of technology.

Stupid machines. MAKE US DEPEND ON YOU, THEN DESERT US IN OUR HOUR OF NEED. I see how it is.

Anyway, I don't wanna get Carpal Tunnel (is that supposed to be capitalized? Spelled that way?) so I am not posting from my phone. I already have to do ALL THE INTERNET THINGS with it, and my hands are angry.

I hope to see you soon. On my computer. Not my phone.


  1. When you get it back, you need to investigate a cloud storage service like dropbox.com or box.com - you can get 10gb free storage with dropbox, or 50gb for $10/month and it's WELL worth it.

  2. I have an external hard drive. One-time cost and you don't have to trust someone else with your data. Downside is that it can potentially get infected with whatever infects your main PC, but I still prefer it for my own uses.


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