Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Day Roundup

Today is the first game of the year for me. Boise State kicks off at the Georgia Dome in three hours, and I am just hoping they don't get their tight little blue-clad asses handed to them.

The Broncos are down three men, no reason forthcoming for the suspensions (although there are some who suspect that the players' Dutch citizenship may have something to do with the NCAA eligibility requirements).  Coach Pete is, as usual, playing his cards close to the vest, so we're all just hoping that Kellan "Fingerguns" Moore will mesh well with the players replacing Pettis and Young, the two standout receivers that graduated last year.

I gotta admit, I'm nervous about the game. And the season in general. New conference, new players, Moore's last year. And this game is basically the big one-- if it isn't a hard-won victory on the side of BSU, the rest of the season won't matter as much.

Thursday is The Big Game, though, the first NFL game of the year, and it just so happens to be a Packers/Saints game. BOOYA.

Sidenote: Googling Clay Matthews, the first suggestion was "Clay Matthews Girlfriend". Fry eyes, women of America. Fry. Eyes.


  1. Wow. I had no idea you were so into ... uh ... okay, that looks like a football costume in the picture. And that ball, I thought it was a basketball at first, but I don't think you're supposed to hug a basketball like that. So I'm gonna go with football. The Broncos must be the horse, and the horse is punching the dog, so I'm guessing we're on the horse's side, right? Go Broncos? I'm trying to be supportive here.

    Ugh look at all that slobber. Dogs are so gross. I'm glad we're on the horse side and not the dog side. And I'm glad the picture doesn't show the horse's hooves. Hooves would be creepy. Those claws sticking out the dog's gloves are creepy. The knee is creepy, too.

    Football is creepy, Lac! Why don't you watch that one where they throw the giant Mento around and then one guy mops the floor really spastically to make the Mento slide really far? That one is funny.


    I knew that was too sportsy for any of my friends. No one here even knows how one scores in football, let alone when football season starts.


    Know your audience, Lac. Know your audience.

    Also, yes, I was on the side of the Boise State Broncos. Who won. Soundly. And there was much rejoicing.

  3. Too sportsy; didn't read

    That's not true, I totally read it. BUT I DID NOT ENJOY IT.

    Well, maybe a little I enjoyed it, but only because you wrote it, and because of the gross picture.

    I would like to formally request a ts;dr option for the little check box thingys, if you are going to continue with sportsy posts.


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