Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Well Do You Know Me

So I got two catalogs in the mail today. The first one was this one:
For all of your horsemanship needs... down there

And the second one was this one.
For all of your clothing needs. Ever. Period.

Which one is intended for me, and which one was addressed to the Barber lady who occupied this space three years ago?


  1. Duh, the Packers catalog is for you!

  2. DOWN UNDER HORSEMANSHIP?!? I haven't even looked inside. It sounds like it should come in black plastic.

    I have studied the other one, though. I want to buy ALL THE THINGS.

  3. I have a t-shirt that says "For All Your Kitchen and Bedroom Needs."

  4. Bahahaha! Clinton Anderson is an Aussie cult leader for horse people, mostly women. They have a lot of money, but don't really want to ride their horses. They'd rather teach them "games" or how have an expensive trainer ruin their horse instead.

    Go Packers! After the Browns, of course.

  5. The cover of Down Under Horsemanship looks like a Brokeback Mountain joke waiting to happen.

  6. Duffy, I just went to Clinton Anderson's website...a video pops up on the homepage (don't worry, it is SFW), and he sounds so strange. Like a little boy.

    Also, it bored me in roughly 2.1 seconds.

  7. Many times I need my clothing to be green and gold, but it has to have a different logo on it. I bet I can stack a higher pile of A's shirts up than you can cheesehead attire.

    However, I don't think I own anything that looks like it came from the horse taint catalog.


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