Monday, September 5, 2011

Modern Family and McDonalds

1. Modern Family is one of the best shows I have seen in recent history. It is hilarious, all of the people are beautiful (especially Sophia Vergara, who is worth watching any amount of any show for a mere glimpse).
I told you. I KNOW!!!! SHE IS SO GORGEOUS.
And let's be honest, we watch television to forget our own problems, to laugh at those of others, and to ogle beautiful people. What makes this one rise above, though, is its ability to renew your faith in human nature. The way that it makes your heart glow with love. It is a family that is neurotic, hot-tempered, at-odds, and under siege, that still makes it all come together in the end because they love each other. A modern-day fairytale.

2. McDonalds
WHY IS THE FOOD SO CHEAP WHEN IT IS SO FUCKING BAD FOR YOU. WHY, I ASK YOU. Also, there is a Chicken McNugget shaped like America. That was not a mistake. The mere SMELL of the Happy Meal wafting to my nose from the back seat of the car makes me want to jump ship and just wallow in fries and nuggets and paper-thin burgers until I can't wallow anymore because my chins are impeding the movement of my belly rolls.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE McDonalds French fries! Then again, one of the only times I've ever puked in my entire life was after eating a Big Mac. It's a conflict.

    I wonder whatever happened to that SuperSize Me dude.

  2. McDonalds french fries are the devil! They are my one vice when I fall off the nutritional dieting wagon. When they call my name I can't cram them into my piehole fast enough. Damn. Are they serving lunch yet?

  3. Big Macs are so disgusting. I think it's the sauce. It turns my stomach, big time. Just the smell turns me off on food.

    And now I must know what kind of sauce you use on your fries. I have to have the Sweet and Sour sauce, which is probably about 400 calories, all of them sugar carbs.


  4. The Sweet and Sour sauce is the BEST!!

    Also, I just clicked on Sophia Vergara's website while at work, and I'm not sure how long the phone rang while I sat here with my jaw on the floor.

    She looks like Sweet and Sour sauce tastes.

    Too much?

    I definitely need to check out that show.

  5. The BEST PART, though, Guinny, is that I also totally love her character on the show, which means one of two things: 1. She is a great actress, in which case I respect her for that, or 2. She sucks as an actress but is actually like that in real life, in which case I am going to marry her.


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