Sunday, June 12, 2011

Instance the First

In which I post inebriated, yet manage to spell all the words correctly, and even use the adverb "correctly" in place of the adjective "right".

Also, in which I excuse my pseudo-drunkenness (which is not really drunkenness, as we all know that involves spelling errors and gross judgment indiscretion) with "heavy life stuff," and leave that stoner term just dangling for the loosest interpretation available.

Lastly, in which you excuse me anyway, even though my excuse is lame, my post is lamer, and my inability to post drunken booby pics is lamest. BUT I DO NOT POST WEINERGATE STUFF! Don't you know I'm going to be pope some day?

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaah, there it is. The grossly inappropriate comment that forces me to say,



  1. I'd read more if there were drunken booby pics...

    Maybe...*tongue in cheek*



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