Friday, July 15, 2011

Cinderella Story

There are a million rooms in Cinderella's Castle.
And each one fits its occupant
Like a glass slipper:

And Cinderella moves
Through dark mirrorless hallways,
Her smile brightening
Just before opening the door

And here she fluffs a pillow
And here she draws a bath
Here she stokes the fire
And here she shares a laugh

And when they ask where
Her Prince Charming is,
Her smile doesn't falter
(For she practices)

"He is off helping someone
Who needs him tonight.
He'll be back soon,
Once they are alright."

"Snow White, I believe, in
The forest below. Last night?
Sleeping Beauty. But
They need him, you know!"

And she closes the door,
Walks the hallways once more
Takes a breath, lights her smile,
Tinkles "Goodnight, my friend!"

And this room is the Princess
Who can't stand the pea
"I assure you, it's perfect,
as clean as can be."

And she slips back to the kitchen,
Sits tall on a chair
Her crow's feet just show here,
And the grey in her hair.

Prince Charming returns
from Snow White this time,
His apple cheeks glowing,
His eyes bright and fine

Up she stands once again,
takes a kiss, holds his hand.
"I'm back home!" he sings,
"With my world, my wife!"

And she hands him the cocoa,
the dried pea grey and hard.
"You'll need these, tonight, dear.
 Her room's not too far."

His eyes brighten as her sparkle fades,
And he dances away before her face betrays
The snap in her heart or the cloud in her eye
As she watches him twinkle and sashay and sway.

As she cannot begrudge them
She cannot begrudge him
The Happily-Ever-After
That someone else penned.

But if it were her story,
To tell and to live,
She'd write Prince Charming out
And Mr. Right in.


  1. That is heartbreakingly beautiful. It's this kind of brilliant blend of the whimsy of fairy tale and the crushing disappointment of reality.

  2. This should be turned into a children's book; I mean with very beautiful storybook illustrations.

    Lac, this is as good a place as any to note that whenever I read this blog's URL, I think that the name of the blog is

    "Wild, Thy Museum"


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