Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Smearing the greasepaint
Over his malingering sneer
He slathers on a veneer
Of forced gaiety
So his depravity only shows
In cracked shards
When his eyes glint
Like blood-drenched steel
And he twists the balloons
His gloved hands wrenching
Necks, limbs, and swollen abdomens
Rubber screaming in agony
As the children laugh,
And clap,
And scream
For more.


  1. Clowns.

    Frikken' clowns, I swear. Clowns.

    You know what though? Rodeo Clowns are a different breed. Aren't they? I mean, Rodeo Clowns, I can't tar with the same brush. Those lean, limber heroes of clowndom are cut from a sterner, if no-less-gaudy cloth. They throw themselves into harm's way, into the ring with a gaiety born of grim purpose! Their job, not to distract teeming hordes of indifferent children, but to distract hundreds of pounds of charging, flailing muscle and hoof - to seize the eye and redirect the wide white eye of a surging, kicking brute of nostrils-flared fury!

    I mean, that's kind of respectable! I hate to see those rodeo clowns get lumped in with the other kind.

    Here's to you, Rodeo Clown.

  2. DANG IT! It was "to seize the IRE and redirect the wide, white eye..."

    How the heck did I end up with "eye" in both places?

  3. You are very right about Rodeo Clowns. I don't even consider them the same species. Kind of like... oh, I don't know, snakes and legless lizards.


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