Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What do you think.

Taken by my friend at a gay pride parade


  1. Does the phrasing of #2 bother anyone else? Keepers at home? Like, zookeepers? Keepers of the home or housekeepers ought to have been just as easy to put on the sign.

    Really, it's just sad that the anti-feminist movement has to steal other people's parades.

  2. That phrasing is so bad they have to explain it in parentheses.

    I can't...even. Explain. The rage and frustration this kind of ignorance inspires in me.

    I wish it didn't, I wish I could be like, "Ha-ha, they are stupid!"

    Those chapters at the bottom? The Timothy one starts off all, "God's love is for all people, etc." but then it must have gotten a little too wild and crazy for King James or whoever because then it's like, "Oh, yeah, and women? We are the boss of you."

    The Titus one is about women and slaves being good to their masters so that their master sees God in them.

    I guess that includes ironing.

  3. I guess it just goes to show how entirely ignorant, judgmental, and close-minded people can be when they put their own ideologies in the mouth of God. One of the other protestors had a sign that said "Women should not be allowed to vote." Which reminded me of this.

  4. It takes a weak woman to need a man who pretends to be her superior. But it takes a weaker man to do it. Sick, sick. Sick.

  5. Of course, it takes a weak man to need a woman to be his inferior as well.

    What I don't get is, surely men need wives more than women need husbands right? WOMEN! GET TOGETHER ON THIS.

    Don't settle for men who are too intimidated to function in an equal partnership.

  6. Huh. See, I assumed that if this is at a gay pride parade, there is some irony involved and the person holding it is probably saying HEY GUYS, YOU THINK THIS IS BAD BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO. THE BIBLE ALSO SAYS THIS. DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS, TOO? NO? THEN YOU'RE A HYPOCRITE.

    Except it would take a lot of signage to have that written next to it. So they just hope that other people will get the irony, but instead they look like an asshole.

  7. Yeah, you would hope that was the case, but the pictures are pretty clear that these were the same people as the ones hating on the gays. I guess they were just going for universal hatred from all sides.


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