Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

At the Rodeo

They both got licorice ropes as long as Charlie is tall

Can you spot the buckin' bronco?


Charlie at the parade today

At the kid's carnival after the parade. Charlie looks closer to the water action than he was.

See? That is him, WAY over on the right edge. He didn't want to get wet.
We've gone to the rodeo and the parade and a kid's carnival so far. We live on the bike race route, so there are bikers going by the house at crazy speeds, an announcer about a block away, and live bands playing at four separate places within three blocks of our house. This, combined with the fact that we live one block off the parade route, means that our house is parked in.

Also, strangers parked in our parking spots in front of our house, and also in our driveway, right in front of our garage doors. WHO DOES THAT. I want to call and have their cars towed, because it is MY fucking driveway, but I guess I'll give them 'til tonight to get their asses off of my property. I don't know what it is about strangers using your yard and driveway for parking, but it is one of those things that tips me from "normal human being" to "raging beast" within seconds.

I keep telling myself, "Self, it is a holiday, let the people have fun." But then I think, "Even if I were parking in some strange town, I would have the common decency and courtesy not to park in someone else's DRIVEWAY FOR GOD'S SAKE."

Hmph. Maybe I need a nap before the fireworks start. Literally and figuratively.

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