Friday, July 1, 2011

To All of My Fans in Malaysia

So tired. So... one and a half bottles of wine tired.

Also, I just discovered that Blogger keeps very few statistics, but you can check your stats to see, for example, what links your readers followed to visit your blog.

Except Google's Blogger, in its what-we-thought-was-infinite wisdom, has only these two sites for me there: and

I am basically positive that neither of those is free of spyware/malware/trojans. I'm also pretty certain they're not among the three readers of this thing, or that they have linked here to share with their adoring public my teeth whitening facts or my vast wealth of information and success culled from a career in online scholarship. Those sites sound like the kind of thing manufactured in Malaysian techno-ghettos, linking crazily to any site on earth in hopes of trackback traffic.

But I kind of like to think that maybe, just maybe, there is an errant cubicle dweller, locked away from the sun for umpteen hours on end in some Malaysian cubicle-city building, in the bad part of town if you know what I mean, who finds solace in the underwhelming content of this, my journal. And they read it faithfully, escaping the dismal repetition and dreary gray of their insignificant time on earth with the irregular chronicles of my own life. And they made the conscious decision to link to my little place on the internet, in hopes of sharing this ray of sunlight with others just like them.

Hey, you. Trapped in your foreign cubicle, lassoed to your phone, talking to an over-privileged American in accents as incomprehensible as the flowchart of your chain of command,

This Bud's for you.

I know, this is why you love me.

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